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Classic Exteriors Decks come in standard sizes. However, our customers can get a Classic Exteriors Deck of any shape or size. Combine multiple popular sizes to build new shapes, make multi-level decks with multiple sizes at different levels, or request a custom deck. Classic Exteriors Decks can handle your deck project, no matter what you are looking for.

Our process gives us the ability to build most decks in just 1 day.



Classic Exteriors Decks uses only the best materials. Our decks are constructed using premium-grade, treated lumber. Decking boards are hand-selected at the saw mill, guaranteeing freedom from knots and heart-of-pine boards. But quality doesn’t stop there.

We use only ACQ-approved ring-shank fasteners, designed specifically for speed, durability, and strength. Stronger, faster, and more corrosion-resistant than a screw, our fasteners will make your deck last longer.



By combining the high quality materials we use and our innovative, patent-pending building system, Classic Exteriors Decks offers you a tremendous value for your investment. That value is best realized in one way: longevity. Our decks look better and last longer than virtually any other outdoor product. You and your family will enjoy your new Classic Exteriors Deck for many years to come.


In business, there is only one way to demonstrate integrity: stand behind your product. You can be secure in the knowledge that your Classic Exteriors Deck has been built to last.